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Mustang Parents


Welcome to the resource site for the family of Western Wyoming Community College Students. This is our attempt to provide useful information to parents and family of students considering and attending WWCC. We hope that you will utilize the information available to you and will become a partner in your student's Western experience. Whenever there is something you wish we had provided here, please let us know.

Welcome Letter from Philip Parnell

You and your child have made a fantastic decision in choosing Western Wyoming Community College to continue their education. I appreciate the trust you place in us, in working with your most prized possession - your child. We take that trust seriously and want to do all that we can to assure each student has a positive experience and has access to all of the necessary tools for success.

Parents, you can help. Be encouraging as your child begins to make his/her own decisions. I like to think of Western as a safe environment in which to learn, and we encourage our students to make their own decisions. They reap the rewards and learn to accept the consequences of those decisions and become better citizens in the process. We know that students who are actively engaged in their own education are much more likely to persist and graduate.

Western is all about student success. We want students to make a home at Western and to succeed in their educational goals. To this end, our classes are small (usually around 20 students), all are taught by fully qualified and dedicated faculty, and we offer a range of free services to help the student succeed: advising, counseling, financial aid, tutoring, and other support service programs are offered to assist students. Our goal is on-time graduation, followed by movement into the workforce or transfer to a university to complete the baccalaureate degree.

One of those programs, Sixteen-to-Succeed, encourages full-time students to complete 16 credit hours of college-level coursework per semester or to leverage the use of summer school to attain 32 the first year and then graduate in the expected two years. This saves money, allows the student to show successful completion, and positions them to move to the next level of higher education or into the job market.

The classroom is only a small part of a student's education, however. Living on-campus provides a strong living/learning experience. Getting involved in activities such as athletics, theatre, art, the Ambassador program, one of our many clubs or working toward a leadership role in student government or within the residence halls, will help your child to grow in ways other than academic. I feel this kind of activity provides the best opportunity for a well-rounded education. Please encourage your child to get involved.

I am proud of Western, as are all of us who work here; and we want to partner with parents and students to make the student experience a tremendous one.

Philip Parnell, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Services

For more information, contact Molly McClure at (307) 382-1632 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181