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High School Dual and Concurrent Program
John Freeman
High School Transitions Coordinator
Office: 1401
Phone: (307) 382-1724
Get a head-start on your future!

Western Wyoming Community College provides a great opportunity for students whose educational achievements warrant accelerated or extended coursework while still in high school. Western encourages students with academic ability to consider getting a head start on their career or college program by enrolling in classes with WWCC while they are still in high school.

Remember that by choosing to enroll in this WWCC-sponsored class, you are a college student not a high school student. There is a difference!

WWCC Goal Statement:

The goal of WWCC Dual and Concurrent program is provide equal access to college for high school students targeting both advanced students and those students who traditionally would not attend college. Specifically, Western’s purpose is:
  • Provide a seamless transition between high school and post secondary training
  • Provide a head start to advanced students
  • Provide an welcoming access point for 1st generation college students

WWCC Offers Dual and Concurrent Classes:
  • Dual enrollment credit is given to students who complete college-level courses either online or in traditional college classes. Student's eligibility to take dual enrollment depends on if the school district agrees to allow students high school graduation credit.
  • Concurrent enrollment courses are college courses taught by college approved high school faculty, as part of their duties. These classes are taught in the high school and the college class is part of the high school schedule.

Benefits of Dual and Concurrent Enrollment:
  • Students earn both high school and college credit.
  • High school students who take college courses subsequently perform better in college than those with no history of dual enrollment course taking.
  • Students who earned college credits in dual enrollment and similar programs before high school graduation had a lower average time to degree - 4.25 years . . . 4.65 years.
  • Reduces the cost of college to the student and their family.
  • Career and technical students have documented skills to offer their employer and a head start on further training.

Cost to High School Student:

Students who enroll in concurrent class requirements will have no cost. Cost for dual classes depends on where the student lives. For a dual student:
  • If the student lives in a district that has a BOCES, it is more likely that there will be no cost to the student.
  • Several school districts without a BOCES pick up the cost of a dual class with the recommendation of the high school.
  • Several school districts allow the student to take classes at their own expense.
Check with your high school counselor before enrolling in any college class.

Things to consider before you register:
  • Am I a junior or senior with high level academic capabilities?
  • Are my COMPASS, ACT or SAT sufficient to allow me to enter the class?
  • Will my high school instructor in this content area recommend me for a college course?
  • Are there high school classes that I would benefit from more than this college class?
  • Do I have time for a college course?
  • Do I realize college classes will take a greater time commitment and my outside activities cannot interfere?
  • Do I understand that the grade I earn in this class will go on my permanent college transcript?
  • Where do I plan to attend college after high school? Do they accept concurrent credit? If you attend a Wyoming college, your credit is safe. If your chosen out of state college doesn’t accept your WWCC credit, you will have a college experience at no or little cost to you.
If you are uncertain about whether you meet criteria above, contact your high school counselor.

Deciding whether to take advantage of this opportunity is an important decision. Think carefully before you embark on college-level coursework while still in high school. Remember, the goal is not to take on too much responsibility or become overly stressed during your school year.

Who is eligible?

As of October 1, 2011, each school district determines if a student is eligible within their high school. In addition to school district requirements, students have to meet Western Wyoming Community College class requirements for the class they wish to enter.

How do I start? What is the enrollment procedure?
  1. After talking to your parents, teachers, a WWCC Outreach Coordinator or other persons familiar with you and college, make an appointment with your high school counselor to explore options. Your counselor will be familiar with your school and Western. The high school counselor will know what requirements you need to meet to enter into the program and review the responsibilities of a college student. He/she can research if the class you are considering will help with the school you plan to attend after graduation. The high school counselors can help you make plans to meet qualifications you may lack, help you schedule classes in an effective manner and he/she will have the forms you have to fill out.

  2. Remember, once you have completed the registration process, you are officially in a college class. You must submit a signed drop slip by the designated college deadline in order to drop your class without getting an "F" grade. That "F" will go with you forever.

Transfer of credit earned while in high school:

Colleges have varying policies on the acceptance of college credit that is earned while a student is still in high school. Some accept the coursework without a problem. Some accept only coursework that is not dual counted for high school graduation. Some do not accept credit at all. You are responsible for researching this situation prior to enrolling in a concurrent class. WWCC has outreach directors and academic counselors to help you navigate the transfer of credit. You do not want to find somewhere down the road, that you have wasted time and perhaps money. It is frustrating to repeat coursework.

Downloadable PDF Brochures and Flyers:

For more information, contact Mustang Central at (307) 382-1677 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181