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Western’s 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 10, 2019

Western Wyoming Comm
Western Wyoming Community College’s Undergraduate Research Symposium will take place on April 17th, 2019 from 8:30AM-3:00PM in room 1302 and the Atrium.

Western Wyoming Community College’s Undergraduate Research Symposium will take place on April 17th, 2019 from 8:30AM-3:00PM in room 1302 and the Atrium. A full schedule is available at, or by scanning the QR code printed on all event posters and programs.

Western’s Undergraduate Research Symposium consists of oral presentations and a poster presentation. It provides Western’s students with a venue to present their research and scholarship. The students are mentored thought the research process by Western faculty. This year, Western will have 23 student participants.

- Jackson Facinelli, Eric Ward, Robert Hunter, Gaby Albert, Brittney Hatch, Christian Perdomo, Kaitlyn Pryor, McKay Smith, and Heidi Duckwitz, will present Rate of Perceived Exertion during Structured Exercise vs. Recreational Play, in the field of Exercise Science.

- Justin Marcy will present How does Music Influence Perspectives on Depression in Men, in the field of Sociology & Social Work.

- Azlynn Beck will present The Examination of Nutrition Traits of Small Mammals, in the field of Biology.

- Shelby Gordon will present The #MeToo Movement: Western Students’ Attitudes Toward Sexual Assault Credibility, in the field of Sociology & Social Work.

- Caroline Edman and Jadyn Irwin will present Using Transaortic Constriction and Iron Deficiency to Examine Transition from Adaptive Hypertrophy to Heart Failure, in the field of Biology.  

- Stephanie Webster and Rob Hunter will present Bee Diversity and Abundance Compared Between Non-Disturbed, Low-Intensity Disturbance, and High-Intensity Disturbance Sites Within the Wyoming Killpecker and Seminoe Sand Dunes, in the field of Biology.

- Judith Luque will present Sex on TV: WWCC’s Perspective, in the field of Sociology.

- Ryan L. Desmond and Rebecca Barton-Stewart will present That Seems Pretty Just: Is Self-Monitoring Related Both to Physical Attractiveness and Belief in a Just World, and The Attenuating Effect of Cognitive Diffusion on Craving Responses to Food Cues, in the field of Psychology.

- Christian Stout will present How Language Assists in the Creation and Production of Culture, in the field of Anthropology.

- Elizabeth Chollak will present I Owe My Soul to the Company Store.

- Samantha Rupprecht will present Tattooing in Europe Between the 11th and 17th Centuries, in the field of History.

- Keanan Foy will present Music’s Influence on Attitudes Towards Substance Use, in the field of Sociology and Social Work.

“The opportunity to conduct original research under the direct guidance of a highly educated faculty mentor is not common in the first two years of college. The Western undergraduate research initiative is wholly led by faculty and is a laudable demonstration of their regard for students. Students participating in research at Western leave as trained candidates for new research opportunities at their transfer institutions when many of the juniors from within those institutions may be applying for research opportunities for the first time. Our research students have the competitive edge earlier in their academic careers,” said Janice Grover-Roosa, Director of Library Services and Symposium Organizer.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to listen to Western faulty present throughout the day. For more information regarding this event, please contact Janice Grover-Roosa at


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