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Retiree Information

Welcome to Retiree's Corner at WWCC. On this page, you will find several links to organizations which may have information useful to you as you consider retirement issues. Remember that retirement planning is ultimately the responsibility of the employee and employees are urged to devote sufficient time and effort to this endeavor. Below are some helpful hints.
  • If you are a member of the Wyoming Retirement System, be sure to contact them several months prior to your planned retirement date for retirement estimates. You may also have money in their deferred compensation program. WRS personnel can help you manage withdrawal and on-going investment issues.
  • You and your dependents must be on the State of Wyoming Group Insurance Plan for at least one year prior to your retirement date if you want to continue health insurance through the state as a retiree.
  • If you are a member of TIAA-CREF, contact them several months prior to your planned retirement date and their personnel will help you decide which withdrawal options may be best for you and can also help you manage on-going investment issues.
  • Be sure to contact the Social Security Administration several months prior to you planned retirement date. They will provide instructions regarding signing up for social security and Medicare. An employee is eligible for Medicare at age 65. Employees are eligible for reduced benefit social security payments at age 62 upon meeting minimum service requirements. Full social security payments are available at age 65 and older, depending on your birth date.
  • WWCC employees may be eligible for the College's early retirement program. Contact the WWCC Human Resources Office for details and/or review Board Procedure 4230 E. Application deadline is on or about January 20th of each year.
  • Questions about health/life/dental and other insurances during retirement usually arise. Contact the WWCC Human Resources Office and we will answer your questions or place you in touch with the appropriate agency. The State of Wyoming has a program to help retirees with health insurance premium costs. The WWCC Human Resources Office can help you determine what contribution you may be eligible for.
Other related questions? Contact the WWCC Human Resources Office at 382-1610.

Helpful Links:

For more information, contact Human Resources at (307) 382-1610 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181