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Student Resources

The resources on this page are meant to help you achieve your best as a student in the online learning environment. If you are a rookie to online learning, it is advisable to take the "Intro to Online Learning" course (HMDV 1025). Remember that you will use the WWCC e-mail address made available to you as a student for all of the communication between you and your instructors for online course work.

Helpful Links:

A note about contacting your instructor:

Use e-mail as your first mode of communication. This is an online class, and the goal is to make the course available at any time of day from a variety of places. You and your instructor will not always be (and in some cases, may never be) online at the same time. That makes e-mail, an "asynchronous" form of communication, and an ideal way to interact. When you have a question about your course for your instructor, use the "Contact" link from main navigation within your course and to access their e-mail address.

Your instructor will make decisions about which e-mail messages to read first, and using specific subject lines will help them do this sorting. If you need an immediate answer, put the word "urgent" in your e-mail subject line. If you have a question, start the subject with "Question about..." refer to specific assignments when needed.

But don't be afraid to try other forms of contact. Sometimes, forms of communication other than e-mail will be more appropriate. Sometimes nothing can replace the immediacy of phone or face-to-face contact. Other times, you will want to interact with both your instructor and other students via the online discussion board. A variety of contact information for your instructor is listed under the "Contact" link within your Blackboard course.

For more information, contact Brooke Quintrall at (307) 382-1807 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181