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Workforce Facilities The Workforce Development courses offered by Western Wyoming Community College enjoy state-of-the-art facilities in which WWCC students can study many trades. View the links below to learn more about some of these facilities.

Western Wyoming Workforce Training Center (W3TC)

In 2014, Western Wyoming Community College opened the Western Wyoming Workforce Training Center (W3TC), a 7,500-square-foot facility that will provide much-needed classroom and training space for WWCC's Industry Training programs, which provide critical workforce-development services for WWCC's regional industry partners. The W3TC building is the second collaboration between Western and the Wyoming Business Council, which partially funded the facility with a grant award in 2012. The first such joint venture was the construction of the Compression Technology Lab for the College's Oil and Gas Production program in 2005. The W3TC will be home to the Emergency Medical Technician - Basic program and will house other industry-requested safety-training programs, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration Training, Commercial Driver Training, confined-space training, and many others.

View a brochure about the opening of the W3TC.

Wellsite Facility

The Instructional Wellsite Facility is a fully operational closed-loop system that provides “real world” training for your current and future technicians. This site is multi-functional serving as the training facility for your degree technicians as well as new hire safety training. This site also serves as a training site for specialty short courses as well as a meeting space for the industry. The Wellsite, which includes the Oil & Gas Production Technology associate degree program, is a 100% industry inspired, designed, and implemented program. In short, it would not have happened without the foresight and perseverance of some very dedicated professionals in the Oil & Gas industry.

The significant benefit that BP, Encana, Shell, Williams, and Questar saw as an additional impact that the industry could have on the state is the creation of an endowment based on this project. The 17 industry partners directly donated just over $1.2 million in equipment, labor, and cash to build the facility. In June of this year, the state of Wyoming matched the appraised value of the facility of almost $2.3 million in the form of an endowment fund in the College Foundation. Combining these together, this group has invested in the long-term educational development of Wyoming to the tune of $3.5 million. Quite an investment in the state to say the least.

View the Wellsite Contributors.

Green River Center

To learn more about the Green River Center, please visit the Green River Center website.

For more information, contact Workforce Development at (307) 872-1326 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181