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Advice for Families

Before Your Student Begins at Western:

Meet deadlines:
It is important to know the deadlines for things needed to enter the institution, particularly the priority date for fall financial aid is April 1. Also be aware that on-campus housing fills up. Students don't get into the queue until their deposit is paid.

Complete Paperwork Fully:
It is very important that your student learn to complete the processes required. Higher education is a bureaucracy like any other and there are things that have to be accomplished. Help them to fill out applications and financial aid forms. Don't do it for them because they have to understand what they have and have not done when issues come up and they will.

Apply for Financial Assistance:
WWCC has a tremendous number of institutional scholarships and activity grants available to students. This is supplemented by the statewide Hathaway program which provides scholarship dollars based on grade point average and ACT scores. Also the Sweetwater graduate scholarship which is awarded to any student who graduated from a Sweetwater County high school in 2006 or after. Over 77% of our students have some type of assistance to attend. Many scholarships have deadlines. Be sure to make yourself aware and help your student to apply if they think WWCC is an option for them. They can always turn down aid if they choose another institution.

Attend Special Programs:
WWCC offers a number of programs designed to introduce the college to you and your student and to remind them of the things that need to be accomplished regardless of where they decide to attend. We have a choices program in the fall designed to facilitate college planning and decision-making. Our senior day program in the spring helps students decide that Western is a viable option for them. Throughout the year, we have specialized programs that are targeted based on major or special characteristics. This is a great way to see what really happens in a particular field. Join us for one or more of these programs.

After Your Student Begins at Western:

This is a transition time for the whole family. Here are a few hints to help you through this tough period (Hatch, 2004, p. 6):
  • Learn to tolerate uncertainty and change
  • Trust your student's decision making
  • Avoid doing things for your student that he or she can do for him/herself
  • Come to terms with your student's strengths and limitations
  • Expect ups and downs because college is stressful and demanding
  • Keep in mind that students will have many challenges to manage but that they posses the abilities, skills and talents to do so
  • College students change their career choice, hairstyle, clothes, language and even habits

Stay involved! Attend athletics events and other activities.

For more information, contact Molly McClure at (307) 382-1632 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181