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Graduation Application Form

Submit this form to apply for graduation in the term you select below. Remember to also submit the appropriate degree or certificate (also called a degree audit), signed by your advisor, to Mustang Central. For 2018-2019, the deadline to apply for graduation is November 16 for Fall (December) graduation, March 1 for Spring (May) graduation, and May 1 for Summer (July) graduation. If you apply for graduation after the posted deadline, your application will be moved to the following semester.

• First Name:
• Last Name:
• Student ID Number:
• Birth Date:
• E-Mail Address:
• Phone:
• Advisor Name:

Mailing Address:
• Address (Street):
  (or box number if on campus)
• Address (City):
• Address (State):
• Address (ZIP):

Cap and Gown:
• Height:
• Weight:

Degree or Certificate Sought:
Check all that apply. A checklist must be reviewed with your advisor for each degree or certificate for which you apply. See Mustang Central if you plan to obtain more degrees or certificates than this form will allow.

Associate of Arts DegreeEmphasis:
Associate of Fine Arts DegreeEmphasis:
Associate of Science Degree #1Emphasis:
Associate of Science Degree #2Emphasis:
Associate of Science Degree #3Emphasis:
Associate of Applied Science Degree #1Major:
Associate of Applied Science Degree #2Major:
Associate of Applied Science Degree #3Major:
Associate's Degree in Nursing
Certificate #1:
Certificate #2:
Certificate #3:
• Expected Graduation Date:
• Name on Diploma:
  (indicate exactly as it should appear)
• If Phi Theta Kappa Member,
    Year Installed:

• If WWCC outreach student,
    indicate location:

• If international student,
    indicate country:

Please Read and Understand:

WWCC's Commencement ceremony is held in May. If you complete your requirements and graduate in the Summer or Fall semesters, you are still required to attend the ceremony unless we receive a written request to be excused.

WWCC has my permission to print my name in the commencement program and in newspaper press releases:

I believe that I will complete requirements for the degree/certificate listed above during the semester. Please accept this as my formal application for graduation. I realize that I will receive a formal degree check as a result of this application and that I am responsible for completing requirements as specified in the letter. I further realize that I am now an official applicant for graduation, that attendance at Commencement is mandatory unless officially excused, and I will be responsible for the cost of my diploma / certificate and cap & gown unless I formally withdraw my application in writing.

I certify that this request was completed by the student (me), and that I have met with my academic advisor to review my degree audit. I understand the credits and courses I need to complete to fulfill all graduation requirements. Requests completed by any other party constitute fraud.

Your initials:

Submission of this request constitutes the student's signature on the request.

For more information, contact Mustang Central at (307) 382-1677 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181