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Student Accounts and Payment Information

View the Spring 2019 Course Schedule for payment and refund dates for that term.

Spring 2019 Payment Due Dates
January 9 Balance of Cost of Attendance (tuition, fees, room & board) or 1st Installment of Payment Plan Due. Students who fail to make a payment by this time will be automatically unenrolled from courses.
February 8 2nd Installment of Payment Plan Due
March 8 3rd Installment of Payment Plan Due - Final Payment

Spring 2019 Refund Deadlines
January 16 - 18 100% Refund for courses dropped during this time
January 19 - 28 80% Refund for courses dropped during this time
January 29 -
February 7
60% Refund for courses dropped during this time
February 8 - 17 40% Refund for courses dropped during this time
February 18 NO Refund for courses dropped on or after this date

Refund and repayment for Federal Financial Aid recipients may be different. Use MyWestern to drop courses through March 29 (full semester courses). Complete withdrawals should be initiated at Mustang Central, Green River Center, or an Outreach site.

NOTE: Block courses are on a reduced schedule for drop/add dates and refunds. Contact Student Accounts Receivable in the Business Office for exact dates.

Payment by MyWestern Self-Service:

You can make your intent deposit payment (fall term), pay on your account, or make a final payment by using MyWestern Self-Service with a Visa or MasterCard by logging in to MyWestern, clicking on "Student Records-Financial Aid" under the Self-Service menu, and selecting "View Account & Make Payments."

Payment Plan:

Students enrolled in 6 or more credits who cannot pay the full amount of Spring or Fall tuition, fees, room and board may set up a payment plan. Payment plans are not available for students enrolled in 5 or fewer credit hours. Payment plans are not available Summer term. Students with an account balance from a previous term will not be able to register until that balance has been paid.

See the current "Payment Dates" table above for the dates of installments. A $50.00 setup/processing fee is charged for each payment plan.

To set up a payment plan, download, print, and complete this form and return it to Student Accounts Receivable in the Business Office.

Return of Title IV Funds:

Students withdrawing their attendance from Western Wyoming Community College that received some form of federal financial assistance (Pell Grant, Student Loan, or SEOG grant) may be subject to repaying all or a portion of the funds received.

WWCC will calculate the amount of aid that students earned based upon the number of days attended in the semester. Any portion not earned must be repaid. Should students choose not to make satisfactory repayment arrangements:
  • They will be ineligible to receive funding in the future at WWCC
  • Their transcripts may be withheld
  • They may be turned over to collections for the unpaid balance in addition to any additional charges incurred by the collection agency

Contact Mustang Central at 382-1677 with questions regarding this policy.

Course Fees:

In addition to tuition, special fees are charged for industrial technology classes, laboratory science classes, and certain activity classes. These fees are subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact Student Accounts Receivable in the Business Office at (307) 382-1684 or
(307) 382-1600 or toll free (800) 226-1181